When are registration fees due?

Refer to the Academic and Administrative Calendar or your billing statement for the payment deadlines. The UCSC Cashier must receive your payment for the current quarter's fees plus any unpaid prior charges by the deadline.

Can I view my account online?

Yes. Log on to MyUCSC, select Student Center, and scroll down to the Finances section. Your account is updated in "real time" so you can see anticipated aid, confirm that your payment was received, or confirm that other adjustments were made to your account after the billing statement was printed.

I paid my fees, how can I confirm that my payment was received?

Check your account on MyUCSC to confirm payment was received.

What are course fees?

Some courses have been approved for an additional course materials fee.

Why is my class level lower than I expected?

Credit not yet posted to your student record would affect your class level. Verify that all transfer credit, Education Abroad Program credit, Advanced Placement credit, etc. have been posted. Classes with outstanding Incomplete grades or Withdraw (W) grades are not included in calculating class level. Please be aware that it may take four to six weeks to post transfer and AP credit and one full quarter to post EAP credit.

When can I see my enrollment appointments?

You will be able to see your enrollment appointment(s) by the first day of Advising Week. Please see the Academic and Administrative Calendar.

What do I do if I can't pay in full by the deadline?

Sign up for the Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) and pay the first registration fee installment (plus any unpaid debt from prior quarters) by the deadline. If you contracted for university housing, you can sign up for a Housing Payment Plan and pay the first housing installment by the deadline.

Who is considered a priority enrollment student?

Some categories of priority enrollment students include: Regents Scholars, Leadership Opportunity Scholars, Renaissance Scholars, Veterans, Education Abroad Program Reciprocity participants, Visitors, and some Disability Resource Center identified students. If you think you qualify for priority enrollment, please contact the office responsible for hosting the program.

When can I be placed on a class waitlist?

If a waitlist is available for a class, you may enroll on the waitlist during your second enrollment appointment.