Health Care

Courses in healthcare span a wide array of topics and serve a multitude of purposes for different students. Some are designed to provide additional qualifications and training for those already working in a health-related field, while other courses are meant for those looking for first-time training, or used to bridge the gap between different stages of academic study. Whatever the reason, taking a health course will give those wishing to work in the healthcare system the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


Skillnets provides subsidised manufacturing training courses covering a range of topics from process management skills like lean and six sigma, to technical manufacturing, processing and design skills.

We deliver excellent value training to engineers and other technical staff working in manufacturing in a wide range of industries, such as life sciences, medical device technology and polymer processing. We also support job-seekers in gaining new skills and work opportunities in the manufacturing sector.


BFSIacademy is a leading training provider for suite of professional certification & preparative courses that address unique learning needs of Banking |Financial Services | Insurance sector. BFSIacademy is supported by, Exclusive Job Portal for Jobs in Banking | Financial Services | Insurance. is extensively used by top recruiters in BFSI sector.


Our online retail training courses and retail seminar programs are based on real-world situations – not theory. With decades of experience in store operations, sales management, field management, merchandising, and marketing our team knows what works and what needs to be communicated to your team. Whether it is one of our standard retail sales training courses, a retail management course or a custom designed retail training program.


Our education training is designed to help teachers and students leverage new technologies and the latest instructional techniques to increase engagement, be more productive in the classroom, and maximize the potential to learn remotely.


Logistics relates to the distribution of goods and services from supplier to customer, over a broad range of industries. Logistics courses are often taken by those wanting to work in product placement and goods distribution. Certification, diploma and degree program options are available through study options that include online, distance learning, and classroom education.

Logistics courses explore such topics as product distribution, transportation management, supply chain, inventory control, and customer service. Professionals pursuing logistics courses often work in freight and goods, warehouse distribution, transportation management, store management, product creation and other goods and services related careers. Additionally, due to the increased flow of goods and products globally, many logistics courses are now incorporating business methodologies and international marketing aspects into their courses.


The keywords in today's Banking and Financial Services organizations are growth, marketing, efficiency, technology, customer and competition. IFBI's career programs are designed in this context of modern-day Banking, Insurance and Financial Services by developing competencies on 4 dimensions – domain knowledge, technology, application and customer service. These 4 competencies are the defining characteristics of IFBI's programs of study and of students and professionals groomed by it.

IT Systems

For students who decide to earn a formal college degree, systems administration courses may be available online as part of associate's, bachelor's or master's degree programs. Degree options are generally available in computer technology, network and systems administration or a similar field. Students who want to enroll in a degree program often need to formally apply and be accepted as a student.