ABC Next (India) Pvt Limited is a skill development, incubation and placement arm of Andhra Brahmin Welfare Corporation (ABC), Gollapudi, and Vijayawada.

The ABC Corporation was set up for the Brahmins of the state by Hon CM of Andhra Pradesh, as a State Government-owned vibrant organization committed to the development and welfare of the weaker and marginalized sections of the Brahmin community. ABC serves the needy members of the community in AP in a selfless and inspirational manner by providing financial, intellectual and physical resources for their overall development which includes education, skill building, entrepreneurship, welfare and value-based cultural life, on a sustainable basis. The Corporation also strives to inculcate a sense of belonging to the community for improving cohesiveness, morale and pride. The resources are provided through distinct schemes and initiatives in various categories.

To focus on skill development and placement, entrepreneurship and incubation and offer allied services to interested corporations in these areas, ABC Next India Pvt. Limited was set up as a 100% subsidiary of Andhra Brahmin Welfare Corporation (ABC).

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